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Sruthi Koppol



My name is Sruthi Koppol and I am a senior here at NC State-Wilson College of Textiles. I am majoring in Polymer & Color Chemistry with a minor in Biological Sciences and grew up in Cary, North Carolina since 2007. One interesting fact about me is that I love nail art and have been providing manicures for friends/acquaintances at my apartment since this past year. I hope to become licensed soon and upgrade my nail collection to provide better care!

Why Wilson?

I chose Wilson College of Textiles because of my unique major offered that dives into chemistry but also allows us to learn real industry applications of color science within our course load. As someone who values close connections and tight community, I feel that I’ve found just that within my small major through research opportunities, textile organizations and amazing, responsive professors. I hope to speak about my undergraduate experience thus far to prospective students, parents and anyone interested!


Polymer and Color Chemistry


Medical Sciences


Biological Sciences



Expected Graduation

Spring 2024


Cary, NC